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Hello, I'm Piers.

I’m an engineering leader based in San Francisco, CA.

I grew-up in a hamlet in the UK. I was 18 when I launched my first online business (go easy on the design—it was 2004). I've tackled problems around organizing sports teams. I've attempted to rid the internet of PDF restaurant menus.

The last four years I’ve been building tech which keeps people from going hungry at work. I’m still doing that now at DoorDash.

I appreciate good design. Great products inspire me and leave a lasting impression. I can still hear the songs playing from my first Sony MiniDisc. What ever happened to Sony?

But it is how great products get made which fascinates me. As a leader, I want to understand what makes teams come together and build these lasting experiences.

When I'm not working, I'm usually reading or getting out into nature —preferably on two wheels. One of my goals is to design my own home.

Current Projects

  • a podcast (coming soon)
  • writing about what I'm learning about, inspiration and interests
  • I’m also learning to play the guitar.

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You'll find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram