I'm Piers. I've been leading engineers at high-growth companies for over a decade.

There's never been an easier time for leading a remote team than today. There are many more tools available than before. And when everything comes together and the team slips into that flow state—consistently shipping work that matters. It feels magical.

But, it doesn't always feel that way.

Sometimes the team isn't humming along. Sometimes those same tools provide you with a sea of data and you can't make sense of any of it. It's easy for the signal to get lost in the noise. And, sometimes, the traditional tools and approaches just don't cut it.

In these times, managing feels like a slog rather than a joy. Something you grapple with instead of excel at. Rather than feeling in control, you feel overwhelmed. The thought of RTO crosses your mind.

And yet, you should be thankful because there is data. There is signal which you can interpret and figure out where you can be the most help.

So, you just need a better way to view all of the activity that's going on with your team. Something to do the wrestling for you. With the disjointed tools, bring it together and help you synthesize. Something that gives you context.

This is what Strom is. It's a command center for you to help manage your team and its individuals remotely. It's developer-friendly. It incorporates over a decade of my experience from managing teams.

Strom is in private beta, but you can put your name on the waitlist.

— Piers Rollinson

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